About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Mathematics of the University of Porto since February 2017.

My main main topics of interest are:

– The geometry of holomorphic symplectic manifolds.

– Mirror symmetry for branes in hyperkähler varieties.

– Higgs bundles and their moduli spaces.

– Fourier-Mukai-Nahm transforms.


I obtained my phD at ICMAT Madrid (Spain). Before Porto, I was a post-doc in Campinas State University (Brazil) and Freie University of Berlin (Germany).

You can download my CV here.






I am organizing, with Artur Araujo, a Working seminar on Stacks and the Geometric Langlands Correspondence.


I have participate in the following events as a speaker:

  • Workshop Indo-European project MODULI, Madrid (Spain), September 2016.
  • First joint meeting Brazil-Italy in mathematics, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), August 2016.
  • 24th Brazilian Algebra Meeting, Diamantina (Brazil), August 2016.
  • III Workshop on Poisson Geometry and related topics, Campinas (Brazil), June 2015.
  • VBAC 2016, Lausanne (Switzerland), January 2016.
  • Conference for the 50 years of the Narasimhan–Seshadri Theorem, Chennai (India), October 2015.
  • Workshop on the Geometry and Physics of Moduli Spaces, Miraflores de la Sierra
    (Spain), June 2014.
  • LEGAL 2014, Teresópolis (Brazil), February 2014.
  • VBAC 2013, Trieste (Italia), June 2013.
  • NoGAGS 2012, Berlin (Germany), December 2012.
  • GEAR Junior Retreat, Urbana-Champaign, (Illinois, US), June 2012.

Also, I have been invited to the following seminars:

  • U. Lisboa, Lisbon (Portugal), September 2017.
  • IMPA, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), November 2016.
  • School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), September 2016.
  • Mathematics Center, Heidelberg University (Germany), January 2016.
  • School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (India), October 2015.
  • Inst. of Math. and Stat., Federal Fluminense University, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), November 2014.
  • Dept. of Mathematics, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, Pau (France), July 2014.
  • Dept. of Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa (Portugal), July 2014.
  • Dept. of Math. and Comp. Sci., Free University of Berlin (Germany), July 2013.
  • Dept. of Mathematics, Friedrich-Alexander University at Erlangen (Germany), November 2012.